Online Services

Customers have peace of mind, because personal information is safe and it reduces the need for insecure forms of communication such as email or fax communicatiion, which can be easily hacked and stolen. Logins are verified and unique each time to keep documents and personal information secure.

Document Sharing

Easy two-way document sharing with your agent, ensuring that confidential information is securely transferred and accurately logged in your system.

Policy Change Requests

Don't waste time on phone, you can submit common policy change requests online if eligible. Every company has different endorsement requirements.

ID Card Access

Your auto policy holders will have immediate access on your auto ID card online, allowing you to download ID cards from both your desktop or mobile devices 24/7/365.

View Policies

Each applicant can view a snapshot of their active policies.

Add Claims Information or images

You can quickly upload important claims documents from your documents or mobile devices and they will be saved directly in our system.

Add Certificate Holders

Clients can be enabled to add holders to a shared certificate master.

Generate Certificates

Clients can request new certficates in seconds, with new requests immediately. Certificates of insurance are released before the end of the day via email.


Coverage is not bound, changed or cancelled until confirmed in written form by Exclusive Insurance Brokerage.